About us

We are a small family run business based in the South West of England.

Molly & Moon are dedicated to creating the highest quality letterbox baby gifts possible. We strive to offer quality products at great value. We also strive to offer a unique and special gifting experience for both you, the gift buyer and the recipient by ensuring everything looks beautiful, we don’t just sling it in the box, we lovingly pack it and wrap it in tissue paper, adding your personal message making it the perfect baby gift.

Why did Molly & Moon start?

Molly & Moon started as an idea to offer a simpler way to buy baby gifts. We were fed up of trying to think of and muddle together a baby gift for family and friends which often included many visits to different shops or websites trying to combine items, hoping they would be delivered on time, were the right colour or that the shop had the right size (often not).

We saw a gap in the market of baby gifts, keeping them simple, beautiful and of course gift wrapped. We also wanted to make sure that the gift was easily delivered, quickly and without any distractions such as loud knocks on the door or annoying visits to the postal depot to collect a parcel, hence why we went for the letterbox delivery approach.

We offer beautiful letterbox baby gifts which are all beautifully gift wrapped, including a personal message and free UK delivery.

What are Molly & Moons Values?

Our core values are quality & value. We want to be able to offer the highest quality baby gifts whilst also offering great value price points as we know that not everyone has the same gift buying budget.

We source a majority of our clothing ranges from British manufacturers so we can closely monitor the quality of materials and fit, this also allows us faster lead times on new product ranges, launching them fast onto our website.

We also value our customers, always looking for what they want and taking any feedback on board to improve our offering and service.

What makes Molly & Moon Unique?

We offer a unique way of sending gifts to loved ones. Our letterbox gifts are designed to be posted directly through the letterbox so you avoid any unnecessary knocks at the door or door bells which is particularly annoying when you have a baby and are trying to feed and care for them.

We take our time sourcing unique gifts that we include in our sets which we know parents will love, as they are high quality, easy to care for and most of all show how much you care too!

Molly & Moon really care about your gift so if you have any feedback or special requests please do not hesitate to get in touch by dropping us an email at [email protected]